University of Medicine (Mandalay) was first established as Branch Medical Faculty Mandalay, University of Rangoon in 1954. It was moved to the present site on 30th Street in 1955. It functioned as the Faculty of Medicine of University of Mandalay in 1958, and was promoted to Institute of Medicine (Mandalay) in 1964, and to University of Medicine (Mandalay) in 2015.

Since its establishment, the University of Medicine has produced over 4,000 graduates of M.B.,B.S and over 800 postgraduates. The graduates produced from this University have now been serving as outstanding medical practitioners locally and abroad.

The alumni members of University of Medicine (Mandalay) have always been in contact with their alumna mater, never failing to make contributions where necessary. Elevators, generators, books and other facilities have been donated out of generosity to the University.

Reforms have been made to the University of Medicine (Mandalay) not only in buildings but also in academic fields, and it is necessary for the members of the alumni to make their respective contributions to where they feel is necessary for the sake of the University. The administrative body of University of Medicine (Mandalay) has always appreciated the invaluable suggestions of the members of the Alumni.

In 2015, the UMMAA was first established. The aim of the UMMAA is to contribute towards the development of University of Medicine (Mandalay). Since it was first announced the UMMAA would be founded, the alumni students have made contact with the Association starting from the first meeting, and since then the number of the members has increased to (422) (28-SEP-2016), while the functions of the Association have become more varied and have been gaining momentum, not only in internal university activities but also in external social activities. Therefore the UMMAA with the support of the enthusiastic members has been enjoying a bright prospect.